The Pastor

beverly-scott copyPastor Beverly A. Scott founded Church on the Rock Center of Deliverance, Inc. in July 1996.  The ministry was birthed in Rock Hall, MD to bring deliverance to the people of God.  Today, the ministry continues to bring forth the word of God to set at liberty the people of God.  Our church is located at 23730 Handy Point Road, Chestertown, MD 21620, just outside of the city limits.

Pastor Scott was born June 15, 1954 in Philadelphia, PA.  She has been married to one man, Charles N. Scott, Sr., for 35 years.  Together, they have 6 children, 14 grandchildren, 5 great grandchildren and lots of family members that they love and adore.

Pastor Scott is a born-again believer, called to be a deliverance preacher; anointed and appointed to preach and teach the unadulterated gospel of Jesus Christ with God’s authority, revelation, and deliverance.  She is woman of God whose love for the Father and passion for ministry are never failing.  Her consecrated lifestyle, commitment to God’s rhema word, and compassion for souls causes her to search for the keys that would bring deliverance to the soul’s foundation to anyone that desires to be set free.

Throughout her saved life, Pastor Scott has seen many people loving God while struggling with bondages.  As a result, God has lead Pastor Scott to look at foundational deliverance for the body of Christ.

“Today, many people are driven with suicide, drugs, alcohol, whoredom, etc.  This is often the workings of foundational curses from the sins of our forefathers.  It takes giving your whole heart to Christ, allowing Him to be Lord and Master over your life, confessing His death and resurrection, and inviting Him in your heart to live.  Without this, Satan will always have a foot hold and a legal right in the lives of people.   No we won’t be sin free in this earth, but deliverance leaves you with the power to strive to do the right thing.  It leaves the heart loving what God loves and hating the evil that He hates.  Therefore, Christ accounts this as righteousness by faith, whereby he will walk with us, and talk with us, and tell us we are his own; and the joy we share, as we tarry there none other has ever known.   Amen!!!”

Pastor Scott has dedicated her life to help.  She has great admiration for bishops and pastors who may not fully get the details of spiritual warfare, but love God and their members enough to seek out help for the peace of their members.   She continues to make herself available to those individuals to be a part of the prayer counseling given to those seeking liberty in Christ.

“We are supposed to be workman together for the Lord.”

Pastor Scott has learned from experience that there will always be folk that, no matter what you preach or teach, do not want change.  She is unable to help those individuals until they have a made up mind to serve Christ.  But, there is a remnant that does not want to bow their knees to Baal.  If you are that person, Pastor Scott is available to help!